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What is iglidur®?

iglidur materials are materials developed by igus and are made of high-performance polymers that are characterised by their special properties: their special composition makes them extremely wear-resistant, robust and self-lubricating. Their service life can be determined exactly. In addition, each iglidur material has individual properties and strengths that make it suitable for special applications.

What are iglidur materials made of?

All iglidur materials consist of three components: base polymers, fibres and fillers, solid lubricants. As it is not possible for one universal material to fulfil all tasks equally well, there are different iglidur materials. Each has a different composition of the three components and a different application area.

Base polymers

iglidur base polymers

The base polymers are responsible for the iglidur materials' wear resistance. They ensure that the lubricants are not subjected to a surface pressure that is too high.  

Fibres and fillers

iglidur base polymers with fibres

These components strengthen the materials so that they withstand high forces or edge loads and can be used continuously.  

Solid lubricants

iglidur base polymers with fibres and solid lubricants

They lubricate components made of iglidur materials independently and prevent friction. They are distributed in the entire material in the form of microscopic particles.

How does self-lubrication work?

The solid lubricants  are embedded in millions of tiny chambers of the durable, mostly fibre-reinforced material. From these chambers, the material releases tiny amounts of solid lubricants during movement. This is adequate to sufficiently lubricate the immediate surrounding area.
What's more, they help to reduce the coefficient of friction of the iglidur materials. They are not indispensable for the bearing's function, but have a supporting effect. Since they are embedded in the tiny chambers, they cannot be forced out.
Thanks to self-lubrication, maintenance can be reduced to a minimum wherever iglidur materials are used. Thanks to the incorporated solid lubricants regular relubrication is not necessary and dirt or dust cannot become attached to the bearing.

Base polymer with fibres and solid lubricants, magnified 200 times, dyed Base polymer with fibres and solid lubricants, magnified 200 times, dyed

Predictable service life

iglidur® materials have been tested thousands of times under realistic conditions and have proven their worth millions of times in many different applications. The data obtained from the tests flows into the free igus online tool, with which the service life can be exactly predicted, e.g. for plain bearings, bar stock and slewing ring bearings made of iglidur materials.

Test in the test lab and igus online tool

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