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vector award

...for inspiring energy supply solutions... ...e-chain systems® with cables... ...induction and wireless...

Modern plastic energy chains are the umbilical cord of the automation, machine and plant engineering industries. These energy chains ensure the safe supply of energy, data, pulses and operating media and are always in motion. energy chains are suitable for multipurpose use in the crane and machine tool industries and in the robotics and clean room industries. Aside the contact free e-chains® per induction and Wireless- data transfer regerates further ways.

Conveyor unit of coal excavator

The winner of this year’s golden vector is also the longest travel ever to be realised with plastic energy chains in the world.

Bucket wheel reclaimer

This bucket wheel reclaimer also has to be equipped with a assembling of +/-180° which can move in a circle. The e-chains® have to acced this movement.

Dragon robot

A robot as an actor: Tradinno is one of the main actors in Germany's oldest folk play the "Further Drachenstich".

Wind tunnel scales

These scales which are used for tests in the wind tunnel can be turned through 180° in both directions away from their original position.

Movable melting furnace

The special requirement with this furnace system was the movement of the filled furnace weighing a total of 45 tonnes.

Theater lightning

When the rope cables for the load trains for stage lighting needed replacing, the decision was made to use igus® energy chains.


A special challenge when designing this crane was noise reduction, because the harbour is in the direct vicinity of a residential area.

Test rig for solar systems

This test rig was able to be built thanks to the use of igus® e-chains®.

X-ray robot

This newly developed X-ray robot presents a special challenge to energy chains.

Wood milling machine

This machine works the decorative edge of wooden boards.

Driving robot

This vehicle is a robot that is used for the development of intelligent sensors for motor vehicles.

Roll stand for railway tracks

Up to now, the energy supply to the rollers in this railway track rolling mill has been realised using steel chains.

Hydraulic lifter in airplane hangar

Hydraulic working platforms in an airplane hangar for the Airbus A380 in Singapore are equipped with igus® e-chains®.

Coating plant

The low room height in this coating plant for large pipes (diameter up to 2.5 metres) makes a space-saving design necessary

Brake van

Here, a moving slide on a trailer is supplied with energy. The trailer is used as a brake van in “tractor pulling” competitions.

Coke oven

This system feeds coal to the compressor of a coke oven.

Hard drive enclosure

Small igus® e-chains® of the series E2 micro route the power and data cables into a newly developed hard drive enclosure.


The replacement of the old roller e-chain system® by an igus® P4 e-chain® resulted in several advantages.

Horizontal lathe

This lathe is used to produce turbine parts or drilling rods, for example.


This ship-to-shore crane can not only lift the container and set it down again, the whole crane girder can be moved vertically

Solar powered mobile robotic vehicle

This vector contribution concerns a completely surprising use for an e-chain®.

Flexible desks

This new kind of desk system allows complete flexibility in the use of classrooms.

Sludge treatment

The largest plastic e-chain® in the world, the E4.350, is used for this application.

TV studio

For this TV studio, a semi-circular cable-roller assembly has been developed.

Lock gate in Wilhelmshaven (Germany)

Here, the second largest lock in the world has been fitted with a new water gate.

Bucket wheel stacker

This contribution also concerns a circular application that has been designed with an igus® energy chain with rearward bending radius.

Design motorbike

Robust chainflex® cable CF 9 also withstands adverse weather conditions.

Hobbing machine

Hobbing is a continual toothing method and is very flexible and highly productive.

Robot in car factory

Extremely cramped conditions repeatedly led to problems with energy chains used with robots in a car factory.

Fully automatic indoor crane

In halls in particular, every little bit of space often counts.

Parabolic antennas

The application presented here is in a parabolic antenna which is part of the European navigation system project “Galileo”.

Labeler for forwarding labels

This device prints forwarding labels and sticks them onto packed pallets.

Assembly robot

These robots assemble household appliances such as dishwashers. They ensure safe handling when welding two plastic moulded parts.

Crane in metal processing

With this indoor crane application, igus® e-chains® can really show off their strengths.

Robot arm for labeling

The robot arm in this application labels car parts. Its special feature is the almost fence- less operation.

Crankshaft assembly

This system is used to press toothed wheels onto shafts under heat. Then the still hot shaft is brought to the cooling station by a linear guide.

Circuit board component placement “Speedmounter”

The high fail-safety of the e-chains® and chainflex® cables were the reason igus® products were used in this case.

Wash classifier

Dirt, sand and sludge are part of everyday life with a wash classifier. The energy chains have to be able to cope.

Cableway switch

Every day, the cableway cabins on the Kitzsteinhorn cableway have to be moved off or put back onto the storage sidings in the top and bottom stations.

Inspection robot

This robot checks ventilation shafts before and after cleaning. Energy supply is via a cable

Flat motorbike

This motorbike prototype has been designed extremely flat to keep consumption as low as possible.

Calibration bench

This bench is used to calibrate inertia sensors which are used for inspecting pipelines, for example.

Solar vehicle

The use of chainflex® cables achieved an increase in efficiency in this solar vehicle

Welding robots

Two different solutions are presented for this vector contribution.

Nano world machine

This vector contribution is a machine that has been designed to demonstrate the world of nano particles to the public in museums and at exhibitions.

Machine tool for railway track plates

This machine tool requires a large number of different cables and hoses for the manufacture of track plates

Control robot

This robot in a car factory is the “supervisor” over five smaller robots that supply it.

Machining center

The focus here was on protecting the cables from dirt, chips and coolants during fast movements.


Difficult environmental conditions such as dirt, lubricants, steel wool and temperatures between -30° and +50°C in particular make maximum demands on energy chains.

Automatic Zinc Line

igus® energy chains have successfully replaced the dangling cables previously used to supply the rotary drums in this zinc line.

Asphalt paver

The special feature of this asphalt paver is the adjustable control console.

Spot-welding robot

The downtimes have been drastically reduced through the use of an igus® solution for this robot in automotive construction, too.

spindle robot

This high-frequency spindle robot has been improved – not only in terms of looks – by the use of the universal module triflex® RS.

Crane applications

In this case, two different crane applications have been realised using the igus® energy chain series 5050 from the E4/4 range


This 10 metre flume is used to observe sediment deposits under numerous ambient conditions.

Assembly robot

The combination of movements in different axes makes it difficult to dimension the cables properly. If they are too short, they tear.

CNC machine

In this case, a simple trick solved a space problem: There were only 20 cm design height available, too low for a conventional solution with an energy chain.

MIG welding robot

Cable protection is particularly important for this application, since the welding robot works with gas!

Crane in sawmill

This crane is to be used in a sawmill to transport up to 8 cubic metres of wood chips at once.

Servo manipulator

The servo manipulator presented here was used for the remote dismantling of a pipework system contaminated by radioactivity

Loading and unloading facility

These units can be used whenever wooden panel materials have to be transported, stacked, stored, turned or sorted.

Self-stabilizing platform "Ampelmann“

This platform, which has been given the name “Ampelmann”, is used on the open sea.

Bucket wheel reclaimer

This bucket wheel reclaimer also has to be equipped with a assembling of +/-180° which can move in a circle. The e-chains® have to acced this movement.

Crane in casting house

These three cranes are used to transport containers with liquid metal in a casting house.

Ice sculpture device

Every day, an ice sculpture for the glittering world of Las Vegas is created here fully automatically.

Industrial scanners

Here, igus® e-chains® are used in two industrial scanner applications. With the first application, cracks can be determined in concrete slabs.

Robot for car glass handling

igus® triflex® R has successfully replaced the previous solution attempted with this robot, too.

Transportation units for car assembly

These racks are used to transport car bodies and consumables from coating to the paintshop in passenger car assembly.

Pipeline welding equipment

With this application, the focus was on high heat resistance.

Fridge assembly

Initially, steel chains were used for foam feeding in this fridge assembly line.

More applications from different sectors

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