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Heavy Plastics - Bulkhandling applications

40 years' experience

igus® is a specialist in the area of plastic research and can look back on 40 years of experience here. Specially developed high-performance plastics enable the use of igus® e-chains® in almost all application areas. Whether it be damp, dirt, chips, heat or cold, we have the solution for every requirement and completely avoid the use of steel or other metals in our e-chains® materials. In an increasing number of heavy duty areas, steel systems are being successfully replaced by igus® plastic e-chains® due to their exceptional suitability.

State your requirements and we fulfil them:

Resistant to corrosion

Cost-efficient, modular design

Long life at minimum maintenance costs

Resistance against dirt, chemicals and high temperatutres

Proven, tested material with igus® system garantee

Low weight with high stability

TÜV certified

That is only a few points that we consider when selecting and designing your "heavy-duty system". See all the things for yourself that are possible in the heavy-duty area with igus® - plastics for longer life®.

Application examples

Coal silo

Lower weight and space requirements than alternative solutions for conveying coal.

Coal silo    

Coal transport system

The motors in this system need a large number of cables.

Coal transport system    

Coal excavator

Long travel distances and all-weather use for the energy-supply on a coal excavator.

Coal excavator    

The longest travel with plastic energy chain

e-chain® travel of 615 m exceeds the longest so far in the port of Singapore.

The longest travel with plastic energy chain    

Taconite mine

The next long distance with a plastic chain: 550 m.

Taconite mine    

Lignite quarrying

The wagon makes a 180° turn and empties into the coal bunker. The energy chain secures the energy supply of the rotating device.

Lignite quarrying    

Coal-fired power plant

Operation in severe dust. The energy chains are employed in trolley and crane, the crane drive arranged in the opposite direction.

Coal-fired power plant    

Coal-fired power plant

e-chain system® for a coal unloader. Operating since three years without any problem.

Coal-fired power plant    

Czech Republic. Enclosed e-chain system® directly on coal conveyor.


Czech Republic. Porici company CEZ a.s. power supply for coal transportation.


Czech Republic. Ventilation machine in underground storage facility of a power station.


Czech Republic. Ventilation machine in lime works.


Germany. BASF in Ludwigshafen, scraper for fertilizer, since 1998, e-chain®: 4040.32.250.0


Long distance in a bulk goods storage facility

More applications from different sectors can be found here


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