tribo-tape liner

iglidur® liner: easy-to-fit protection for all surfaces
Tribo-tape liner made of iglidur® high-performance plastics is suitable for lining tribologically stressed surfaces and shapes, as well as for transport optimisation, for machine beds, and as edge protection, etc.
Once the liner has simply been glued on, surfaces which slide against each other are protected during motion, whereby energy is saved at the same time. The operating noise is reduced by the smooth sliding. Being easy to cut to shape – possible with a pair of scissors – and the optional self-adhesive backing of the liner open up almost endless possibilities of use, for example in medical equipment, food industry machinery, furniture manufacturing or in machine tool making. 



Core Requirements

Number of products: 4

iglidur® tribo-tape liner, A160, mm
iglidur® tribo-tape liner, B160, mm
iglidur® tribo-tape liner, V400, mm
iglidur® tribo-tape liner, W160, mm