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iSet autoglide 5 | Travel: 10 - 60m

Energy chain system: autoglide 5

Complete set includes:
chain links, separators, track holder for AG, upper run guide, moving end mounting brackets, fixed end mounting brackets, wire rope, rope tensioning unit, fixed end module, screwdriver

Inner height: 25mm
Travel: 10 - 60m
Inner width: 77mm
Bend radius: 75 - 150mm

intralogistics, crane systems, alternative to busbar systems, storage and retrieval units, mini-loads, material handling

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Parts list

Example: PACK.2400.07AG5.075.10000.01 | Travel: 10m | Bend radius 75mm

DesignationExample picturesPart numberQuantity
Individual parts AG52400.07AG5.075.0110 chain links
Individual parts AG2400.07AG.075.0 109 chain links
Turned chain links2500.07.075.02 chain links
Standard chain links2400.07.075.0
2 chain links
Mounting brackets for moving end
Mounting brackets for fixed end
1 piece
1 piece
SeparatorsAG.25.2.1122 pieces
Wire ropeAG5.SEIL.1011m
Rope fastening
Rope tensioning unit
Track holder for AG
1 piece
1 piece
28 pieces
Fixed end moduleAG5.FP.2400.071 piece
Upper run guide2400.07AG5.075.OF.04 pieces
Support plate 919.4550
ScrewdriverMAT00501451 piece

Features and benefits

Supply energy over long distances cost-effectively. The autoglide 5 energy chain system is specifically designed for horizontal use in intralogistics and on crane systems. The energy supply system is quick to install, since it requires no guide trough. Instead, it lies on a steel wire rope held in place by the e-chain contour.

  • Assembly times 88% shorter than those for the conventional standard solution with guide troughs
  • Energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system
  • Often saves two or more other systems needed for transmitting data
  • 4m/s speed
  • Quiet operation: 63db(A) at 2m/s
  • 50% floor remains free, no guide trough needed

⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤ = completely
⬤⭘⭘⭘⭘ = not at all

Quick assembly⬤⬤⭘⭘⭘
Little space required⬤⬤⬤⭘⭘
High modularity⬤⭘⭘⭘⭘
Good availability⬤⬤⬤⭘⭘
Long travels⬤⬤⬤⬤⭘
High stability⬤⬤⭘⭘⭘
Low noise level⬤⭘⭘⭘⭘

Products that can be used with the autoglide 5

Bus cables

  • For special climatic conditions
  • For tight radii of up to 7.5xd
  • For long travels
  • Jacket materials: PVC, iguPUR, PUR, or TPE

Motor cables

  • Flame-retardant, oil-resistant, halogen-free
  • For tight radii of up to 5xd
  • Overall shield with optimised braid angle
  • Jacket materials: PVC, iguPUR, PUR, or TPE

Application example with autoglide

Further information


Overview of other complete energy chain sets

Knowledge base

All important information about energy chain systems

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