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Spring cable drum e-spool® without slip ring

Spring cable drums e-spool without slip ring for telescopic applications, platforms and cranes

The e-spool spring cable drums from igus ensure that portable machines and systems are supplied with energy, data, compressed air and liquids safely, even under the most difficult conditions in the smallest of spaces. Compared to the classic cable drum, the e-spool is the only solution that can not only carry energy, but also all media such as data, compressed air and liquids. Examples: e-spool in the event hall, in automated high-bay warehouses, in cable robots, in stage technology or in steel works.

All igus e-spool spring cable drums consist of an energy chain that is guided by a roller and ensures that the energy supply system is exactly at the right length and tension at all times thanks to an integrated retaining spring. And a twisterband is responsible for the turning movements. This special structure makes movements in every direction possible. By using the twisterband, the e-spool does not require a slip ring. This makes data transmission highly reliable, while enabling a high degree of stability at the same time. Furthermore, the e-spool can be guided in all directions (horizontally, vertically, diagonally) and saves space, since the energy chain is rolled up in the starting position and the paths remain free.
Find and configure an e-spool spring cable drum now
e-spool in the test laboratory
  • All in one system: different media (electricity, data, liquids) can be brought together in one system
  • Space-saving: cable drum with spring drive without slip ring
  • Simple assembly: subsequent addition and changing of cables possible
  • Extension lengths up to 2 and 14m
  • Maximum extension and retraction speed 1m/s
  • No tensile strain on the cables
  • Flexible use - energy supply in any direction is possible

FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • Q: When do I use the e-spool spring cable drum?

    When many different cables should be routed in very confined spaces. Different media (power, air and fluids) can be routed together in one system.

  • Q: When do I use which e-spool?

    • e-spool flex and e-spool SPC with manual extension when only one cable is to be routed very slowly or manually.
    • The theatre e-spool in overhead applications in public spaces
    • All other e-spool spring cable drums should be selected depending on the extension length and filling volume/cable diameter
  • Q: How long do the springs last in the e-spool?

    • e-spool flex with 10,000 movements
    • e-spool standard with 70,000 cycles
    • e-spool HD with 40,000 cycles
    • Theatre e-spool with 40,000 cycles
  • Q: Which cables can I use in the spring cable drum?

    In view of the special mechanical stress inside an e-spool, we recommend using igus chainflex cables. We also recommend that the following guidelines are observed:

    • Where possible, cables with a TPE outer jacket should be used for unshielded cables.
    • Shielded cables should be chosen from the CFROBOT range.
    • All cables should have an outside diameter of < 17mm.
    • The maximum bend radii of 44mm in the inner radius and 77mm in the outer radius are observed.

Which e-spool spring cable drum is right for you?

e-spool product finder

Find the right spring cable drum quickly

The e-spool product finder enables you to find the right spring cable drum for your application in just a few steps.

▶ Find and configure now

e-spool product finder

e-spool flex

Cable drum e-spool flex Interruption-free panel feed. The alternative to the cable reel.
Extension length: 5-15m

e-spool compact

Spring cable drum e-spool compact Compact, space-saving
Travel length: 2-4m | Drum 240-400mm | Cable length: 4-6.6m

e-spool with manual pull-out

Spring cable drum e-spool with manual extension Pulling out a cable by hand
Travel length: 5m | Drum: 300mm | Cable length 3.3-8.3m 

e-spool standard

Spring cable drum e-spool standard Variable use
Travel length: 4-14m | Drum: 600-850mm | Cable length: 8.6-19.9m

HD e-spool

Spring cable drum e-spool HD Variable use, with higher retraction force
Travel length: 4-14m | Drum: 600-850mm | Cable length 8.6-19.9m

e-spool power

Spring cable drum e-spool power Motor driven, for long extension
Travel length: 25m | Drum: upon request | Cable length: upon request

New products

e-spool product finder

e-spool configurator
  • Available for SP1, SP2, SPHD1, SPHD2
  • Select moving direction
  • Select cables
  • The result: the right e-spool for your application

e-spool for stage and theatre operations

e-spool theatre
  • Certified for stage and theatre operations according to DIN EN 17206 and DGUV principle 315-390
  • Slip-ring-free alternative to the cable drum
  • Safe guidance of cables in a very small installation space
  • Has various sensor monitoring capabilities

e-spool with smart function monitoring

smart e-spool
  • Increases system safety thanks to continuous function monitoring
  • Extends maximum theatre e-spool® service life
  • Measurement and display of the current extension length

Be inspired - practical examples with e-spool

Event hall | Steel mill | Autonomous robot | High-bay warehouse | Cable robot | Stage technology
The e-spool spring cable drums in the convention and culture centre in Torun The e-spool spring cable drums ensure uninterrupted supply of energy, data, air and liquids in the convention and cultural centre in Torun. A total of ten HD e-spool systems have been installed.
e-spool spring cable drum in use in a wind machine The e-spool spring cable drum is used in a telescopic wind machine. The wind machine prevents frost from destroying buds and young shoots in fruit plantations.

Filling rules for e-spool spring cable drums

Due to the special mechanical stress in an e-spool, we recommend using our chainflex cables. Additionally, we recommend observing the following filling rules:

1. Cables may only be laid next to each other in the linear chain - never lay several cables on top of each other!
2. With unshielded cables, chainflex cables with TPE outer jacket should be used wherever possible.
3. Shielded cables should come from the chainflex cable family CFROBOT family.
4. The maximum bend radii of the twisterband used must be observed.
5. If possible, use separators to protect cables against overlapping and abrasion. To make the best possible use of the interior space, install the separator in alternate segments.
6. Lay cables according to diameter or insert bend radius - thin small ones inwards and larger ones outwards.
7. Apply strain relief to both ends of the cable. The cable tie knot must not be fitted in the direction of the chain.
8. The cables should be installed in the twisterband with clearance space both outwards and inwards from the rotary axis.

Installation instructions

In the case of a horizontally moving application, a smooth surface must be provided on which the energy chain can travel.

Assembly instructions

e-spool assembly instructions

Documentation - Installation instructions

According to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Please contact us if you have one of the following application parameters:
  • Outdoor applications
  • e-spool applications that are operated overhead in the public area (spectator stands, stages, etc.)
For the applications mentioned, the e-spool system may have to be specially secured. Please contact your sales representative.

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