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Low Cost Automation innovations

... Automation according to application and complexity ...

... custom solutions, highly flexible and modular ...

In accordance with the motto "do more with less" we are expanding our automation range with numerous new solutions, while at the same time enabling users to configure their automation systems as easily as possible.

Build or buy your own robot...
with extensions in our drygear modular gearbox system and integration options to various robot manufacturers.

LCA Highlight 2021: ReBeL modular gearbox system for cobots

Highly modular: drygear gearbox modular system extensions

Developed for your application: all-round robotics solutions

Integrations in MiR, EPSON and UR robots: more working space for your robot

New on RBTX: AGV robots, video consulting & pivoting unit for delta robots
LCA news

Low Cost Automation 2021 highlight: ReBeL gearbox system for cobots

Building your own service robot or buying a finished ReBeL robot


    Building your own robot

    • Build service robots yourself with the modular ReBeL gearbox system
    • 25% lighter than conventional strain wave gears thanks to igus® high-performance polymers
    • Start right away with robot kinematics thanks to fully integrated strain wave gears
    • Lightweight, maintenance-free components
    More about ReBeL build: modular gearbox system for cobots
    ReBeL gearbox system

    Buying your robot

    • Available from 2022
    • 25-50% lighter than conventional multi-axis robots thanks to igus® high-performance polymers
    • Tested in the Low Cost Automation laboratory
    • Controllable with the igus® Robot Control, one control system for all robots
    More about ReBeL buy: multi-axis robots Plug and Play

    drygear® gearbox solutions: you can now build automation solutions even more flexibly

    Infinite combination options thanks to modular components

    drygear® Apiro® iDeas ... individual and modular assemblies

    Apiro ideas
    • Durable, efficient, low clearance, smooth operation
    • Infinite number of possible combinations
    • Individual kinematics can be implemented
    • Fast conversion possible
    • Great product compatibility
    • Worm gears made of tribologically optimised
      igus® high-performance polymers
    • Gearbox performance data determined in comprehensive

    drygear® strain wave gear output shaft: coupling connection

    • Strain wave gears made of tribologically optimised igus® high-performance polymers
    • Standard motor option in flange size 17
    • allows connection of various couplings, including shaft couplings, such as elastomer couplings and metal bellows couplings,
    • very easy and completely lubrication-free operation


      Especially compact: drygear® planetary gearbox

      Planetary gearbox
      • Flexible use of motors from the drylin® E product range
      • Without lubrication for the planetary gears in the gearbox
      • Lightweight construction (149.1g with a transmission of 4:1) for high energy efficiency
      • Maintenance-free thanks to iglidur polymer gears
      • Uses injection moulded and 3D printed components
      • High efficiency, runs very smoothly


        drygear® Apiro: direct connection to drive and lead screw technology output

        drygear® Apiro: direct connection to drive and lead screw technology output
        • Apiro (Greek for "infinite") stands for endless automation combination options
        • Combination and synchronisation with the drylin® drive technology system
        • Set-up instructions including parts list
        • Modular design for manual and motor-operated adjustments
        • Fast conversion possible
        • Simple assembly in seconds without any special tool


          Simple, safe cleaning:
          study on drygear® Apiro in hygienic design

          Apiro hygienic design
          • Simple, safe cleaning of cost-efficient iglidur polymer gearboxes thanks to their open design
          • Modular design for manual and motor-operated
          • adjustments
          • Fast conversion possible
          • Assembly without any special tool
          • Great product compatibility

          Low Cost Automation - test, invest, profit

          From splash water to pick & place: now even more potential applications


            drylin® XXL linear robot for palletising applications

            XXL linear robot
            • Maintenance-free dry operation
            • Resistance to dust and dirt
            • Corrosion-free
            • Modular system
            • Plug & Play solution with the igus® Robot Control (iRC)
            • Individual workspace
            • Up to 60% more cost-effective than conventional linear robots
            • Low assembly costs due to simple installation


              drylin® delta robot as 2-axis kinematics

              Delta robot with 2 axes
              • For simple, fast and automated assembly tasks
              • Maintenance-free dry operation
              • Resistance to dust and dirt
              • Pre-assembled system
              • Precise positioning due to motors with encoders
              • Pick rate of 100/min due to low-weight components
                made of plastic and aluminium


                robolink® DP for use with splash water

                Splash water RL-DP
                • Splash-proof thanks to robot joints that have been
                • tribologically optimised for Protection Class IP 44
                • Joining links made of stainless steel
                • Motors with Protection Class IP 65 encoders
                • Payload up to 20N
                • Cycle times > 7s
                • Reach up to 790 mm


                  drylin® SCARA robot: for fast pick & place tasks

                  • Available starting in the summer of 2021
                  • Flexible use thanks to modular design
                  • Suitable for splash water applications
                  • For process speeds starting at three seconds
                  • Efficient operation thanks to stepper motor technology
                  • Can be controlled with igus® Robot Control, a control system for all robots
                  • Minimum service life: ten million cycles, tested in the igus® test laboratory


                    igus® Robot Control system: plug-and-play control system for all igus® kinematic elements

                    What is new in igus Robot Control?
                    • now movements are up to 90% faster thanks to more power and improved reaction times
                    • PLC interface like Modbus TCP/IP; CRI interface
                    • travel profile optimised with the "smooth" function
                    • ROS packages are available
                    • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3
                    • pre-configured projects for all igus single axes, SCARAs and AGVs
                    • up to 50% time savings on programming thanks to the manual guidance function on linear robots and delta robots


                      Test before investing:
                      the Customer Testing Area tests your automation ideas

                      Customer Testing Area
                      • Find the right robot for your application
                      • With accessories such as gripping or vision
                      • Test directly in the robot cells
                      • Quickly determine feasibility without building it yourself
                      • More than 1,000 customer tests
                      • 400m² Customer Testing Area
                      • Available in April 2021

                      Low Cost Automation integration

                      MiR, EPSON, Universal Robots


                        robolink® DP with MiR driverless transport systems

                        AGV with MiR
                        • Using AGVs with robolink® DP autonomously
                        • Plug-and-play integration for AGV-robolink® DP combination
                        • Autonomous employee support
                        • Expected amortisation in 12 months


                          drylin® 7th axis for all robots

                          7th axis for all robots
                          • Suitable adapter kits for igus® robots, Universal Robots, Epson, Omron, Franka Emika, Doosan, Yuanda Robotics and many more.
                          • For the flexible use of robots in the workspace
                          • Ready-to-install linear axis 7 in
                          • Toothed belt axis ZLW-20 from the standard
                            linear construction kit
                          • Fast control via digital I/Os


                            More flexibility for UR robots:
                            external robolink® D rotary axis

                            External rotary axis for UR
                            • Extremely compact for integration into robotics as an external rotary axis
                            • Ready to install, including motor and D1 dryve control system
                            • Mechanical service life: min. 1,000,000 cycles
                            • Cost-effective due to use of polymer
                            • Compatibility with robotic systems from other robot manufacturers, e.g. Universal Robots

                            RBTX: Marketplace for Low Cost Robotics


                              RBTXpert, remote integration for Low Cost Automation with fixed price

                              • Hardware costs 3-25K euros
                              • with an integration input of max 100hrs​
                              • Stand-alone solutions
                              • ROI < 12 months
                              • Tailored consulting for your application
                              • No risk thanks to free consulting and feasibility check


                                drylin® linear robot configurator

                                Linear robots made to measure
                                • Quick selection of the appropriate linear robot system
                                • Configure ready-to-connect units directly in the online tool
                                • Selection of the different control techniques
                                • Test before invest through AR display 
                                • Direct price overview
                                • Delivered ready to install from a single source
                                • Save design time with immediately available 3D CAD models and dimension drawings
                                • Live programming online to test the cycle time
                                • Suitability check included. All selected positions (linear robot, control system, etc.) fit together


                                  AGV robot as a complete system

                                  RBTX AGV
                                  • Plug-and-play integration for AGV-robolink® DP combination
                                  • Autonomous employee support
                                  • Save time and money with ready-to-use integration for software and hardware
                                  • Expected amortisation in 12 months
                                  • Use of Low Cost Automation components


                                    Lift-and-swivel suction unit for delta robots

                                    RBTX swivel unit
                                    • Swivel unit delivers an extra degree of freedom
                                    • Includes suction pads with Z-lift
                                    • Save time and money thanks to simple lift-and-swivel unit integration into the igus Robot Control system
                                    • Deposit the workpiece in the proper orientation at the target location
                                    • Millions of cycles have already been performed in our in-house energy chain production
                                    • Lightweight components


                                      2 years RBTX - igus marketplace for low-cost robotics

                                      Two years RBTX
                                      • RBTX brings users and suppliers of robotic systems and components together quickly and easily. Users can put together a low-cost robotics solution that matches their requirements and budget. Suppliers of robotics components are able to present their products to a larger public in a new marketplace.
                                      • 6 manufacturers
                                      • 19 partners
                                      • Available in 4 countries
                                      • Numerous new robotics services

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