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chainflex® cables for use in the offshore industry

Unique around the world: chainflex cables with "DNV" approval

New test stand for cables in moving applications guarantees reliability in maritime use

To allow cables to be used for moving applications on ships and offshore applications without the need for time-consuming and cost-intensive special approvals, igus GmbH and the DNV classification company developed a new test procedure with the result that a total of 387 chainflex cables from igus have now received type approval for permanent movement in e-chains. Therefore, these are the world's first cables specifically made for use in energy chains that have received this certificate.

chainflex cables DNV approval

In order to supply safe and suitable products for these applications, igus GmbH from Cologne worked with the DNV classification company to develop a new testing procedure and to have their chainflex cables certified.
Development of new testing procedures necessary 
Classification companies such as DNV typically issue approvals that are in line with international standards. In many cases, particularly concerning the materials, these refer to special specifications with regard to fire behaviour or other requirements.
Over a long certification time of more than three years, with very different areas of investigation, the special knowledge of the two companies led to a cable designation for use in energy chains on ships and in offshore applications for the very first time.

White paper: more automation in the maritime sector

What challenges, what advantages do automation and digitalisation bring to the maritime industry? How can companies meet the strict test criteria to have components certified by competent institutions such as DNV? What opportunities arise for suppliers, plant manufacturers and operators of drilling platforms and ships through the use of certified components such as B. cables?

MUD-resistant according to NEK606

NEK 606 is a Norwegian standard for all cables used in offshore applications. 301 chainflex cables comply with the requirements of the NEK 606 standard.

NEK 606 logo

Control cables

CF77.UL.D - control cable

CF77.UL.D - control cable

CF78.UL - control cable

CF78.UL - control cable

CF2 - control cable

CF2 - control cable

CF9.UL - control cable


CF10.UL - control cable


Data cables

CF112 - data cable

CF112 - data cable

CF211.PUR - data cable


CF240.PUR - data cable


Bus cables

CFBUS.PUR - Bus cable


CFBUS - bus cable


Fibre-optic cable (FOC) PUR

CFLG.LB. PUR - fibre optic cable


Measuring system cables

CF113.D - measuring system cable

CF113.D - measuring system cable

CF111.D - measuring system cable


Servo cables

CF270.UL.D servo cable

CF270 - servo cable

CF27. D - servo cable

CF27. D - servo cable

Motor cables

CF27.D - motor cable


CF34.UL.D - motor cable


CF35.UL - motor cable


CF270.UL.D - motor cable


CFPE - motor cable


CF310.UL - motor cable


CF300.UL.D - motor cable


The rolling energy chain for long travels and heavy duty

The roller energy chain has been the tried-and-tested energy supply for long travels for about 20 years. The successful design that characterises all our linear energy chain systems is supplemented by rollers made of stainless steel, which upgrade the energy chain to an energy supply for heavy-duty applications. As the energy chain rolls and does not glide, it runs silently and with low vibration. The wear is significantly lower than with a design without rollers, and the power needed for the movement is also about 57% lower.

The evolution of the rol e-chain®
P4.1 The newest generation of the rol e-chain P4.1 with a smart sensor

chainflex test laboratory

Largest test laboratory for moving cables. 25 years of experience. 3.800m² test area

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